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2024 Titles

Istanbul's Tulip
Korkut Onaran

Vitamins for Ygdrasil and Other Poems
Corey Mesler

Video Game Pointers
Lenore Weiss

2023 Titles

Kim Roberts and Robert Revere

Miracles that Keep Me Going
Charlie Brice

Dreaming in Cantera / Sueños en Cantera
Bonnie Wolkenstein

2022 Titles

Little Disruptions
Biljana Obradović

The Day Gives Us So Many Ways to Eat
Lindsay Wilson

Welcome to Paradise: New and Selected Poems
Bill Wunder

Traveler & Other Poems
Karl W. Carter

The Ventriloquist
Charles Brice

Lynchings: Postcards from America
Lester Graves Lennon

2021 Titles

Salem Revisited
Charles K. Carter

30 Days of 19
Donovan Hufnagle

Animal Joy
Eric Fisher Stone

To Set Right
Lynne Shapiro

Green Jesus
Nathanael Tagg

Care is a Four-Letter Verb
Molly O'Dell

Brittney Corrigan

The Broad Grin of Eternity
Charles W. Brice

Cretaceous Verses
MAT Hodges

2020 Titles

My World: A poet looks at evolution, Darwin and species
Roni Fuller

Just Last Days
Mark Robinson

For Love, and for Cruelty
Elizabeth Estochen

2019 Titles

The Local World
Joanne Rocky Delaplaine

Cross Country
Jeff Newberry and Justin Evans

An Accident of Blood
Charles W. Brice

Immgriant Songs
Kareem Tayyar

2018 Titles

Héloïse and Abélard: The Exquisite Truth
Ann Taylor

Inside Me an Island
Lehua Taitano

Coming Up for Air
Kika Dorsey

Uncertainty Principle
Allen West

Old Poets
Michael Skau

Mnemosyne's Hand
Charles Brice

Animal Virtue
Nathanael Tagg

2017 Titles

Dream Wilderness Poems
Kevin McKelvey

Rose Has a New Walker
Karen Mandell

This is for the mostless
Jason Magabo Perez

Two-Face God
Jason McCall

Erotica Atomica
John Bradley

Caught Looking
Charles Sean Carroll

Jodi Hottel

A Language the Land is Inventing
Ann Philips

After the Bomb
Michael Skau

The Brightest Rock
Kelly Lenox

The Scientific Method
Kim Roberts

Biljana D. Obradovic

2016 Titles

Truth and Beauty
Marion Cohen

Green and Burning
Kathleen McCoy

Seven Parts Woman
Marjorie Power

Kika Dorsey

Closer to Dying
Marion Cohen

Sunroom Midnight
David Doyle

Flashcuts Out of Chaos
Charles Brice

George H.S. Singer

My Skies of Small Horses
Cati Porter

There's a Ghost in this Machine of Air
Iris Jamahl Dunkle

2015 Titles

Corncurls for the Medulla Oblongata
Tim Leach

This Day
Jonathan Bracker

The Skin and Under
Lavinia Kumar

Off the Chart
Molly O'Dell

George Guida

Dawn Schout

World of Hard Use
Faye George

Justice Freedom Herbs
Margaret Rozga

2014 Titles

Julia Lisella

Hands Turning the Earth
Bill Wunder

Another Autumn
Yvonne Higgins Leach

Made and Remade
Ellen Roberts Young

Terry S. Johnson

Aimee Suzara

The Dividings
Kimberly L. Becker

Janet Ruth Heller

Baggage Claim
Perie Longo

2013 Titles

Imperfect Matter
Sandra Becker

What Bends Us Blue
Tom Lombardo

The Awkward Poses of Others
Robert Wood

Words for House Story
JoAnn Balingit

Sea Called Fruitfulness
Martha Carlson-Bradley

Stand in the Stillness of Woods
Matthew Haughton

Voices of King Philip's War
Poems by Faye George

2012 Titles

Gardening Secrets of the Dead
Lee Herrick

Our Held Animal Breath
Kathryn Kirkpatrick

When We Wake in the Night
Tami Haaland

All That Remains
Peter Serchuk

Monsoon Solo
Gretl Claggett

Under My Skin
Liza Hyatt

Judy Kronenfeld

2011 Titles

Questions for the Sphinx
Stuart Bartow

Keeping Them Alive
Christine Stewart-Nuņez

Words Facing East
Kimberly L. Becker

2010 Titles

Slipping Out of Bloom
Julie L. Moore

Reviewing the Skull
Judy Rowe Michaels

Bottle Tree
Jennifer Horne

2009 Titles

The Sorry Flowers
Julia Wendell

Karen Head

Geometry of Dreams

Barbra Nightingale

Reasons to Hate the Sky
Stuart Bartow

Ecology II: Throat Song from the Everglades
Anne McCrary Sullivan

2008 Titles

A Temple Looming
Lenard D. Moore

Pointing at the Moon
Bill Wunder

The Night Marsh
Penny Harter

2007 Titles

This Many Miles from Desire
Lee Herrick

Julia Lisella

2006 Titles

A River Remains
Larry Smith

Following Phia
Michelle Reese

2005 Titles

Patricia Monaghan

Ingrid Wendt

Trill & Mordent
Luisa A. Igloria

Film History
Al Maginnes

Poems from Paradise
Wendy Barker

The Paragon
Kathrine Varnes

Barbara Louise Ungar

Dark Track
Julia Wendell

2004 Titles

The Perfections of Zeros
Luray Gross

The Angle of Sharpest Ascending, Co-Winner of the 2003 Yellowglen Prize
Ingrid Wendt