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Vitamins for Ygdrasil and Other Poems by Corey Mesler

Deep roots and a soaring crown—this is the arc of Corey Mesler’s poetry.

Sample Poems by Corey Mesler

Vitamins for Ygdrasil and Other Poems by Corey Mesler reckons with what is just out of reach, a song still heard—the ‘old cares of [a] heart’ standing before an old oak tree named Ygdrasil. Each poem welcomes an unwrapping of the speaker’s ‘mummery.’ Wondering and wishing, a Nowhere Man becoming lost as a ‘bold marauder’ falls in love time over, and directly addresses Berryman, the Beatles, and bullies. You’ll want to hear what he has learned and unlearned.”—Heather Dobbins, author of In the Low Houses and River Mouth

“When I open the front cover of a new book of verse I am never quite certain of what or who I will encounter. I admit that I hope to be at least pleasantly surprised and, if I’m lucky, startled. The first poems in Vitamins for Ygdrasil & Other Poems by Corey Mesler made me sit up straight and pay attention, I kept reading, soon realizing that the poems had grabbed me by the collar, pulled me up close then, finally, all the way in. I was inside the poems, breathing each syllable, every image coming to life in me. Corey Mesler is a mesmerizing master of verse, of storytelling. His new book blew me away! Wow!” —Ron Whitehead, U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate, and author of The View from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Bathroom Window

“I read Corey Mesler when I want to be grounded in the true feeling of life as it’s lived, as it passes, just as the giant oak Ygdrasil anchors the poems in this collection with its deep roots and its gentle shade. It’s a tree that has witnessed dramas large and small, painful and poignant, a tree that has reflected on beginnings and endings with wry humor and humility, as has Mesler. The end of life is nigh, yet life calls with its many surprises, just as these poems do.”—Grant Faulkner, author of All the Comfort Sin Can Provide and The Art of Brevity: Crafting the Very Short Story

ISBN 978-1625494597, 108 pages

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