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Under My Skin, Poems by Liza Hyatt

The poems in Under My Skin speak of mothering, marriage, sex, divorce, old city-streets, grocery lines, new mattresses, and backyard gardens. Through these interactions, the conflict-filled tension between a woman’s need to love others and tend her inner life is expressed. And while the relationships, people, and places within the poems are complex yet ordinary, the primary relationship explored within these poems is a woman’s relationship to her own persistent and unremitting longing. She must hear, acknowledge and answer this longing – not in order to silence or subdue it – but to learn to become at home within it.

Sample Poems by Liza Hyatt

"Liza Hyatt sets the stage for healing from the loss of divorce in a cosmic setting lovingly detailed. Giving birth to a daughter, she births a new life and rediscovers the sacred. Her language is fresh, her vision pure. She reminds us of 'our original wonder.' This is a poet whose sensual touch is holy." —Norbert Krapf, Indiana Poet Laureate 2008-10

"Liza Hyatt is as deft with word pictures as she is with other artistic media, able to shape the raw resources of her life into vivid expression that compels us to re-examine old assumptions and reconnect with the natural world. " —Elsa Kramer, editor Branches Magazine

"Liza Hyatt’s poetry is a poetry of merging, the natural world merges with the human, the private with public, woman and men with the animal inside them and outside them. It is a poetry of struggle that exposes the darkness we all face without ever disallowing the light. It seems to be always expanding."—Fran Quinn, author of The Goblet Crying for Wine, and The Horse of Blue Ink

Indianapolis poet Liza Hyatt has been published in various regional, national, and international journals and anthologies including Painted Bride Quarterly, THEMA, Black River Review, Pudding Magazine, Indiannual4, 5, and 6, Flying Island, Branches Magazine, and England's Tears in the Fence. In 2006, Hyatt received an Individual Artist Project Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission and many of the poems within Under My Skin were created with the help of this funding. Liza is an art therapist (ATR-BC, LMHC) and adjunct professor at St. Mary of the Woods College. She has facilitated classes, workshops, retreats, and therapeutic art programs for numerous Indianapolis organizations including The Writer's Center of Indiana, Storytelling Arts of Indiana, The Lawrence Art Center, Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, The Charis Center, The Spirit and Place Festival, and Young Audiences of Indiana. She is the author of Art of the Earth: Ancient Art for a Green Future and provides art-based eco-psychology workshops promoting environmental stewardship. For more information about upcoming workshops and readings, visit www.lizahyatt.wordpress.com

ISBN: 978-1936370641, 104 pages

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