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For Love, and for Cruelty, Poems by Elizabeth Estochen

The sharp-edged poems of this collection trace the fine line between love and cruelty, joy and pain, that which heals and that which cuts.

Sample Poems by Elizabeth Estochen

"A poem can be an argument, a question, a revolt, and a healer all at once. For Love, and for Cruelty is one such raw, impressionable, relatable, and alleviating collection of poems; a road that takes you from grief to light."--Sakshi Narula, author of Loveish

"For Love, and for Cruelty is a debut poetry collection by Elizabeth Estochen, a memorable journey to your inner soul by making you introspect your emotions: love, rage, hurt, abuse, loss, and empathy. She helps you embrace the real you by letting go of what is no longer necessary. Painfully poignant, yet beautifully inspiring. A must-read."--Sweedle D'Souza, author of A Butterfly Called Hope

"For Love, and for Cruelty is a collection of memories and moments, a meditation on loss and love, and the violence of emotion. These poems hum with an animal energy, burning with rage one one page, sighing with surrender on the next. The power of Elizabeth Estochen's voice is simple, unshakable, and unflinchingly honest."--Frances Molina, author of Rare and Truth and Consequences

"Estochen leads us through our imperfect world of trauma, abuse, identity, and love. This collection shows how the moments of light are only made that much brighter by the surrounding darkness."--Cheyenne Bramwell, author of Words Are Hard

"A raw and visceral collection that leaves the reader eager for resolution, yet full of sorrow that there must be an end. Only the final page will settle what was started."-Alexondria Jolene, author of Ocular You and New Corners

ISBN: 978-1625493378, 46 pages

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