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Just Last Days, Poems by Mark Robinson

With his debut collection Just Last Days, poet Mark Robinson sheds light on the wonder of everyday life. In a voice both familiar and wise, he touches on themes of innocence, fear, loss, and resilience. Along the way he displays ease in an impressive array of topics, from buying avocados to overcoming cancer.

Sample Poems by Mark Robinson

"A quiet yearning for the present infuses the poems in Just Last Days. Mark Robinson's battle with cancer makes a fierce frame around a beloved life in this collection, which is informed by fatherhood and by precious every-dayness and by the ever-present potential for the ultimate loss."-Paula Cisewski, author of four books of poetry, including Quitter and The Threatened Everything

"Mark Robinson's poetry and voice are simultaneously honest and wildly compelling. He has the power to immediately get into the meat of his work--and the reader's heart. His is the kind of writing that foregoes any need for pretenses or stage-setting and elegantly pulls you into a place that's intimately familiar. Try to savor every poem, every line, and every word, but know that it might be too tempting to consume this pack of pleasure in one fell swoop." -Jessica Mehta, author of eight books, including Drag Me Through the Mess, and The Wrong Kind of Indian

ISBN: 978-1625493385, 32 pages

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