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The Ventriloquist, Poems by Charles Brice

Charles Brice is a master of voices, but the underlying unity and richness of these poems is grounded in a singular voice: his own.

Sample Poems by Charles Brice

“Charles Brice’s The Ventriloquist is a delightful blend of well-earned wisdom and sharp-edged humor. With the conversational, unpretentious voice of a friend, Brice confides in us on a wide range of subjects past and present. His years as a therapist flow into his world vision as he tries to maneuver through life with all its contradictions. He happily accepts its lack of clarity while trying his best to guide us through it. He writes, ‘Every morning I open the blinds/as if hoisting the main on a sailboat.’ It’s a joy to sail with Brice through these pages.”—Jim Daniels, author of Gun/Shy

“Though The Ventriloquist is, in fact, filled with echoes of others—poets and painters and musicians—the voice is all Charlie Brice. Why does it thrill me so that he finds the poetry in cleaning cat puke, drinking in a pub with John Lennon, musing on Gauguin’s abandoned children and smelling burned oatmeal? Perhaps because he proves that everything, everything offers itself as an invitation to show up and meet the world. Humorous and humble, Charlie Brice delivers: every page a surprise delight.”—Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of Hush and Naked for Tea

“Charlie Brice inhabits a myriad of voices guided by Mr. Responsibility and Mr. Hippie. His poems brim with eagerness and gratitude as he savors the veritable feast of life, often while considering his own mortality. The thread of death and its ceremony ties much his life together. Brice’s wit is as comforting as it is hilarious: ‘I tried to make Abe laugh but gave up after he asked me, while I was on a treadmill, if I got any exercise.’ Self-effacing, funny, introspective, and wise, you’ll definitely want a seat at this table where Brice serves up generous helpings of love, art, music, nature and so much more.”—Diane DeCillis, author of When the Heart Needs a Stunt Double

ISBN: 978-1625494078, 106 pages, softcover

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