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Sunroom Midnight, Poems by David Doyle

The lyric poems of David Doyle's Sunroom Midnight are resonant with the color and music of the world, and the ways we perceive them.

Sample Poems by David Doyle

"Moving through different landscapes and geographies, David Doyle, in Sunroom Midnight, celebrates the natural world we've inherited even as he laments how our predation of it has constricted its wildness. Marshalling the wisdom of poets that have come before him and whose poems he lives with and loves, he shows us through a deep-hearted language how the world can still move us in silent and intricate ways, how emanations of pleasure can rise in us like a sparrow on the wing, how the mysterious can touch us like the quiet impress of moonlight on a river."--Gregory Djanikian

"David Doyle's work is passionately receptive to the existential world. Poetry is, at the end of the day, a believer's charge, not a skeptic's chore. But attentiveness fails to leave him complacent or liable to easy acceptance; on the contrary, the sweep of his senses does not avoid judgment, with which experience dovetails. And this feels good, to find such reckoning and authority in a young poet. Add to that language rich and beautifully made. Sunroom Midnight will move into your imagination and stay with you."--David Rigsbee

"Like the old poets whose company he keeps, David Doyle is a wanderer and a contemplator of what it means to stand under the sky. If his sky is marked by cell phone towers and wires as full of pixels as theirs was of stars, that's exactly the burden he has chosen to carry in these poems. It's a particular pleasure to read and see the fine tradition of the Chinese hermit poets, Lorca, and Ginsberg going forward."--Jordan Smith

ISBN-13: 978-1625491862, 84 pages, $18

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