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Mnemosyne’s Hand, Poems by Charles Brice

Mnemosyne’s Hand deals with the challenges, dilemmas, joys, and struggles of living in a world that we often don’t want to live in, but don’t want to die in either. Mnemosyne’s Hand explores the wonders of family, the horrors of war, racism, and prejudice against various minorities, as well as the heaps of hypocrisy our times produce, and the inevitability of the great equalizer—death.

Sample Poems by Charles Brice

“Dive into Mnemosyne’s Hand and find an existential theorist, inventively wicked satirist, and full realized humanitarian named Charlie Brice. With a sharp eye for detail and an effervescent wit Charlie unhesitatingly takes on everything from the snare drum to the psyche. He gives us characters like Jean Paul Sartre smoking cigarettes ‘to puff away the dread’ and Old Manischewitz who ‘hooked a ferocious gefilte fish.’ This is a poet of ideas and deep concern for others who observes our turbulent times with humor, wisdom and a gentle heart, a man who, along with many other poetic insights, offers words to honor the life of a dying alcoholic ‘Compadre’ as well as to thank a ‘wife who made for me a place on this earth.’ Bravo, Charlie.”—Judith R. Robinson

"If it could be true, as Percy Shelley claims, that poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, then this collection by Charles Brice is a pledge to protect the innocent. Here is a deeply felt commitment to the power of poetry; to the way its art creates the 'routes we navigate to get to each other.' With the skill of a seamless double-play, Brice navigates the divergent architectures of experience from science to mythology, music to politics, baseball to psychology. And, of course there is love. In the most democratic sense, there is something here for everyone." -Joy Gaines-Friedler

“Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, mother of the nine muses. One of those is history, of course, and one is poetry. One of the others is comedy. Charlie Brice’s poems in Mnemosyne’s Hand, certainly have some history in them—both the kind we expect, and also the history of our moment. Political history and personal history. There is comedy here, too—satire and puns and just some good from-the-gut laughter. But best of all are those moments when Charlie Brice lets himself go in celebration of that other muse, the one of song and hymns. Then these poems sing praises of the world in its glory and its despair.”—Keith Taylor

"Mnemosyne’s Hand by Charles W. Brice is the much anticipated follow up to his successful Flashcuts Out of Chaos. These new poems are filled with the genuine. They allow us to feel what it means to be alive. Charlie takes his readers into deep nature with his son and a moose, into Americana and baseball, into the contemplative silence of grace on the banks of Hemingway’s beautiful Walloon Lake, and into the painful moments of worry and love in a Pittsburgh hospital. These wonderful poems of love, life and memory are filled with a great sense of soul and respect for all things in this world seen and unseen. This is collection of poems that will resonate with all readers capturing the various moments and deep feelings we all experience in our lives. This is the type of poetry that lets us know that we are all human and all connected.”—M. L. Liebler

ISBN: 978-1625492760, 128 pages, softcover

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