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Video Game Pointers, Poems by Lenore Weiss

Time to level up. Lenore Weiss’ Video Game Pointers  is a journey through the author’s unique vision, winner take all.

Sample Poems by Lenore Weiss

“Lenore’s lively, inventive, sometimes surrealistic poems take us around the world. Lenore writes: ‘Scratch a civilization. Find a welt.’  Yet, her final message is one of hope—the human connection that is still possible even through a video screen as long as we are alive and, like Weiss, still dancing.”—Susan Cohen, author of Democracy of Fire.

“This mighty collection features limbs of a radical mass autobiography. Our aggregate imagination wedded to virtuosic architecture of wordplay and image. Through these poems, quilted revolutionary legacies of resistance find their best song.”—Tongo Eisen-Martin, 8th Poet Laureate of San Francisco, California

“This generous volume stretches the expansive geography of the author’s imagination, time, space, experience and world view. Weiss is a practitioner of the politics of being fully alive.”—Maw Shein Win, Storage Unit for the Spirit House (Omnidawn)

“These poems form a beautiful blunt balance between nostalgia and a reconciliation, a reckoning of human struggles and the appreciation for nature, and our personal relationship with others.”—Genero Ky Ly Smith, The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born

ISBN 978-1625494580, 110 pages

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