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Geometry of Dreams, Poems by Barbra Nightingale

The grace of Barbra Nightingale’s Geometry of Dreams is its fusion of the heart and the mind. These poems of love and loss do not recognize a dichotomy between feeling and intellect, and the result is poems charged with soft music and hard truth.

Sample Poems by Barbra Nightingale

“Russians speak of poets whose poems they love as having Nightingale Fever. Coincidence noted, Geometry of Dreams is a smart, fiery, original book. Read it and get the fever!”—Thomas Lux

“The poems in Barbra Nightingale’s Geometry of Dreams fuse intellect with intuition, the elegy with the ode. Nightingale’s meditations on love are deftly casual on the surface, a splendid result of her attention to craft. Audacious, witty, and beautifully tragic, Nightingale’s poems make beelines for both our minds and our hearts.”—Denise Duhamel

“The idea that endings are ‘beginnings in disguise’ is at the heart of Barbra Nightingale’s new collection, which first approaches then departs from a powerful sonnet sequence about her ex-husband’s suicide. ‘What do you say / when you want to say it all?’ Ms. Nightingale asks. ‘Be definitive, final, quietly move on like a tide,’ she says. Which, reader, she is, and she does.”—Lola Haskins

Barbra Nightingale is a professor of English, literature, and creative writing at Broward College near Ft. Lauderdale. She lives in Hollywood, Florida. Her previous full-length books include Singing in the Key of L (1999). Previous chapbooks include: Greatest Hits (2000), Lunar Equations (1993), Prelude to a Woman (1986), and Lovers Never Die (1981). She has recently completed My Year of Ex-Husbands and Other Strangers: A Memoir, as well as a companion book of poems, The Ex-Files: Explorations in Surprise, and is at work on another poetry manuscript, Spells From An Inky Heart. Her website can be found at http://webhome.broward.edu/~bnightin/.

ISBN 978-1934999561, 100 pages

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